ML-RT Agenda

Towards a research agenda for learning-enabled safety-critical real-time systems

Workshop Goal

This workshop seeks to identify some central scientific issues that arise at the interface of Machine Learning and safety-critical real-time systems, that are of likely interest to the real-time computing community. The objective is to work towards defining a research agenda that both

  1. builds upon the technical competencies of the real-time systems community to address problems that must be solved so as to enable the safe and effective use of technologies and components based on Deep Learning and related AI technologies; and
  2. looks to Machine Learning to further enrich the technical competencies of the real-time systems community.

Workshop Format

A diverse set of activities and contributions are planned including invited keynotes, short talks, working sessions, and open discussions. To make the best of the day, we will primarily focus on two research themes (corresponding to the two enumerated objectives above):

  1. How can the expertise that is available in the real-time computing community help solve problems that arise when Learning-Enabled Components are used in safety-critical real-time systems?
  2. How can recent developments in Machine Learning be adapted to further enrich the repertoire of techniques that are currently in use in the real-time systems community?

and form working sessions around them. Each working session will have a keynote and a few (invited/ contributed) short talks, followed by open discussions.


  • Mitra Nasri, Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands (
  • Sanjoy Baruah, Washington University in Saint Louis, USA (

Call for contributions

Short perspective papers (limited to a maximum of 4 pages in IEEE double column format) are invited. Submission of a perspective paper is not a pre-requisite for attendance: given the intended interactive nature of the workshop, attendance and participation in discussions is already a highly valuable contribution to the success of our mission. Proceedings (without a DOI) will be published online.

Important dates

  • Deadline to submit a perspective paper: May 16, 2024.
  • Notification of acceptance: June 6, 2024.

Submission instructions

Please send your pitch via email to the organizers.

Intended Outcome

The outcome of the workshop will be a report capturing a short summary of the event and discussions, the keynotes and talks, key challenges identified during the working sessions, and a draft of an initial research roadmap for the themes that are considered in the workshop.

Furthermore, we plan to form an [inclusive] community around the topic, so that we can keep connecting people who are interested in this research direction/agenda in the future. We will form a mailing list and establish ways to reach out to us (e.g., on Discord)

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