Submission instructions

Scope and Deadline

To be in scope, papers must present novel work and address some form of timing requirement, broadly construed, as elaborated in the call for papers. The conference’s language is English.

The paper submission deadline is Feb 29, 2024 23:59 (anywhere on Earth). 

Paper Preparation

To be considered for review, submissions to ECRTS’24 must fully comply with the below instructions and the double-blind submission policy. It is furthermore strongly recommended that authors use gender-neutral language.

Formatting Instructions
  1. Use the LIPIcs LaTeX style.
    • Submissions must not modify the default LIPIcs style in any way, either directly or via LaTeX packages.
    • In particular, do not change any fonts, font sizes, line spacing, margins, etc.
  2. Carefully consult and follow the LIPIcs style guide.
    • In particular, do not use custom paragraph labels or nonstandard sectioning commands. 
  3. Use the anonymous option of the LIPIcs LaTeX document class in compliance with the double-blind submission policy.
    Example: \documentclass[anonymous]{lipics-v2021}
Page Limit

Submitted manuscripts are limited to 20 pages of technical content, including the title page and any appendices but excluding the bibliography. There is no minimum page length; authors are encouraged to be concise, and contribution is not judged based on paper length.

All accepted manuscripts will be automatically granted one extra page in the camera ready version to address reviewers’ comments, add acknowledgements, etc. The program committee might additionally suggest or request authors (e.g., as part of the shepherding process) to include material in the camera ready in excess of one page.

Supplemental Materials

Any supplemental materials referenced in a submitted paper (and that reviewers hence should have access to), such as extended online tech reports, demo videos, etc., must be submitted in suitably blinded form along with the paper (see the double-blind policy for details). Please use the submission site’s upload facilities for uploading this material.

Note that while reviewers might consult the supplemental materials to clarify technical doubts, the submitted paper must be self-contained. Moving key technical contributions of the work to supplemental materials is not acceptable.

Conflicts of Interest (COIs)

Authors are asked to declare COIs with the program committee members in the submission form. We also recommend authors to declare COIs with potential external reviewers that might be asked to provide additional comments on the manuscript. 

Generative AI

The use of AI tools to generate any content in the paper, including text, figures, results, etc., must be disclosed together with a clear description of the generated content. AI and algorithmic tools in general do not meet the criteria for authorship; instead, authors must accept responsibility for the integrity of all AI-generated content.

Presentation Requirement

To appear in the proceedings, each accepted paper must be presented by one of the authors at the conference. By submitting to ECRTS’24, authors implicitly agree that for each accepted paper at least one author will register for the conference.


Most reviewers make an effort in suggesting necessary improvements to bring papers to acceptable format. ECRTS would like to acknowledge this effort and ask authors submitting to ECRTS to as well honor the time reviewers have spent. We therefore require authors to make a sincere effort to address reviewers’ concerns prior to resubmitting their work. Resubmission of a paper rejected from a prior conference or journal submission that is essentially unchanged is not acceptable and might lead to rejection without review. Authors, which believe submitting a paper unchanged is appropriate, must contact the Program Chair prior to the submission deadline.

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