Accepted Papers

  • JuMP2start: Time-aware Stop-Start Technology for a Software-Defined Vehicle System. Anam Farrukh and Richard West
  • SlackCheck: a Linux kernel module to verify temporal properties of a task schedule. Michele Castrovilli and Enrico Bini
  • Reachability-based Response-Time Analysis of Preemptive Tasks under Global Scheduling. Pourya Gohari, Jeroen Voeten, and Mitra Nasri
  • Tighter Worst-Case Response Time Bounds for Jitter-Based Self-Suspension Analysis. Mario Günzel, Georg von der Brüggen, and Jian-Jia Chen
  • Shared Resource Contention in MCUs: A Reality Check and the Quest for Timeliness. Daniel Oliveira, Weifan Chen, Sandro Pinto, and Renato Mancuso
  • Optimizing per-Core Priorities to Minimize End-to-End Latencies. Francesco Paladino, Alessandro Biondi, Enrico Bini, and Paolo Pazzaglia
  • The Omnivisor: A real-time static partitioning hypervisor extension for heterogeneous core virtualization. Daniele Ottaviano, Francesco Ciraolo, Renato Mancuso, and Marcello Cinque
  • Deadline Miss Early Detection Method for DAG Tasks Considering Variable Execution Time. Hayate Toba and Takuya Azumi
  • Switching between left and right continuity in Network Calculus. Damien GUIDOLIN–PINA and Marc BOYER
  • Crêpe: Clock-Reconfiguration-Aware Preemption Control in Real-Time Systems with Devices. Eva Dengler and Peter Wägemann
  • Open Problem Resolved: The “Two” in Existing Multiprocessor PI-Blocking Bounds is Fundamental. Shareef Ahmed and James H. Anderson
  • Autonomy Today: Many Delay-Prone Black Boxes. Sizhe Liu, Rohan Wagle, James H. Anderson, Ming Yang, Chi Zhang, and Yunhua Li
  • DeepTrust^RT: Confidential Deep Neural Inference Meets Real-Time! Mohammad Fakhruddin Babar and Monowar Hasan
  • GCAPS: GPU Context-Aware Preemptive Priority-based Scheduling for Real-Time Tasks. Yidi Wang, Cong Liu, Daniel Wong, and Hyoseung Kim
  • Predictable GPU Sharing in Component-Based Real-Time Systems. Syed W. Ali, Zelin Tong, Joseph Goh, and James H. Anderson
  • Analysis of TSN Time-Aware Shapers using Schedule Abstraction Graphs. Srinidhi Srinivasan, Geoffrey Nelissen, Reinder J. Bril, and Nirvana Meratnia
  • Response time analysis for fixed-priority preemptive uniform multiprocessor systems. Binqi Sun, Tomasz Kloda, and Marco Caccamo

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