RT-Cloud 2024 Keynote by Sysgo GmbH

Keynote: Safety-critical cloud applications

by Dr. George Violettas,
Deputy Director of Research and Technology Department,
SYSGO GmbH, Germany.

Abstract: In the rapidly evolving landscape of cloud/edge computing, real-time operating systems (RTOS), can offer robust, efficient, and secure solutions in several areas. Cloud computing provides scalable resources, yet it introduces latency and security concerns. On the other hand, Edge computing addresses latency and security by processing data closer to the source. However, it faces challenges concerning maintaining consistency, reliability, and connectivity across constrained, distributed, and potentially mobile nodes. RTOSs are critical for such a landscape since they balance resource limitations with high performance and security. Challenges include data integrity, complexity, and interoperability while satisfying safety/security standards. Addressing these issues is essential in domains like autonomous vehicles, industrial automation, and safety-critical infrastructure among others.

Presentation topics include:

  1. Speaker/SYSGO Short Introduction
  2. PikeOS/ElinOS Intoduction
  3. SIL4 CLOUD: Digitale Schiene Deutschland
  4. Cloud Solutions: SYSGO in IPCEI-CIS Program
  5. Safe Secure Smart Cloud Gateway: From concept to product

Speaker Bio: Dr. George Violettas holds a PhD in Network Control and Security for the Internet of Things. He served as a senior research fellow for four Horizon 2020 European projects. He is currently the deputy manager of the R&D department and project manager for several EU projects at SYSGO GmbH, Germany. With over 15 years in the ICT industry, he has held roles such as CIO, R&D Officer, Project Manager, Software Engineer, and ICT Consultant for various European companies. Additionally, he has over 15 years of experience as an assistant professor and lecturer in universities, vocational institutes, and colleges in the Gulf region and Greece. His research focuses on IoT-cloud interfacing and security, with numerous cited publications in top journals and conferences. His future research aims to integrate IoT with blockchain to enhance identification, authentication, and availability.

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