A web based monitoring tool for AFDX networks

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A web based monitoring tool for AFDX networks

Post by coelho » Fri Jun 26, 2015

Title: A web based monitoring tool for AFDX networks

Authors: Rodrigo Coelho, Mark Szczepanski, Tarek Miari, Gerhard Fohler (Technische Universit ̈at Kaiserslautern, Germany)

Abstract: AFDX is the de-facto network used in avionics systems. The configuration of a realistic AFDX network implementation requires the configuration of more than 100 devices and is error prone. In this paper we present a web based monitoring tool for AFDX networks, which allows for the detection of configuration errors and the visualization of “live” traffic information.

Our monitoring tool provides a platform agnostic solution for the network visualization and does not require any specialized hardware to connect to the AFDX network. We make use of a network management system (NMS), a computer with COTS hardware, to request and store the SNMP data from the AFDX end-systems. The NMS further allows for users connected to a LAN to access the monitoring tool.

The SNMP traffic in the AFDX network is minimal, transmitted with the lowest frame priority and is independent of the number of users monitoring the AFDX network.

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