The 2019 industrial challenge

Barcelona, Spain, July 3rd 2018
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The 2019 industrial challenge

Post by Sophie Quinton » Fri Jul 06, 2018

About the WATERS industrial challenge
The purpose of the WATERS industrial challenge is to share ideas, experiences and solutions to a concrete timing verification problem issued from real industrial case studies. It also aims at promoting discussions, closer interactions, cross fertilization of ideas and synergies across the breadth of the real-time research community, as well as attracting industrial practitioners from different domains having a specific interest in timing verification.

The 2019 industrial challenge
We are glad to announce that the 2019 challenge will be proposed by Arne Hamann from Bosch. The challenge, which extends the 2017 challenge, addresses the shift from classical to high performance real-time systems. An initial presentation of the challenge is given below.

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