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Instructions for posting

Post by admin » Tue Jun 30, 2015

Beyond the obvious rules that apply to any forum, here are a few things that you should know before posting in this community forum.

What to post
You are encouraged to:
  • ask questions and comments about papers (e.g., papers posted in the WATERS forum), tools, benchmarks in the same thread as the original paper/tool/benchmark description;
  • share experiences and results from using a tool on some of the available benchmarks - use a shadow topic (see below) to post it both in the topic related to the tool and the benchmark;
  • create a new topic to present a tool or a benchmark not yet discussed in the forum (see below);
  • post a call for tools or benchmarks explaining why existing tools/benchmarks do not answer your needs.
Create a new topic for a tool or a benchmark
There should be one topic per tool or benchmark (with the exception of tools/benchmarks introduced in WATERS papers, see below). If your tool fits several categories, e.g., it can perform simulation AND measurement-based analysis, create a shadow topic (see below). The first post for a tool/benchmark topic should contain the following information and be edited so as to remain up-to-date.
  • Description of the tool/benchmark
  • Usage scope
  • People
  • Link to the website
  • Release history
The purpose of the first post is to collect the information necessary to understand when the benchmark/tool is a good fit and where to find relevant information and the code. The idea is not to explain how to use the tool/benchmark but rather to collect pointers and share experiences. In addition, it is extremely important to add tags to the description (already available in the tag cloud, or new ones if necessary) to make searching the forum easier.

Tools and benchmarks introduced in WATERS papers
Topics corresponding to WATERS papers are not meant to be edited after the workshop, in order to keep track of the workshop history. If you publish a benchmark or a tool at WATERS, then create a new topic for your tool/benchmark in the relevant forum and link in your first post to the corresponding WATERS post.

Shadow topics
A shadow topic will leave a shadow of a moved topic in the forum where it was originally posted (cf. Only forum moderators may move topics, so create your topic in the least important forum and ask a forum admin (see memberlist.php?mode=team) to move it and leave a shadow.

About the importance of tags
Adding tags to the description of a tool or a benchmark is essential to make searching the forum easier so please pay particular attention to tags when you create a topic. One example is the option to search for all tools and benchmarks related to avionics by clicking on the keyword "avionics" in the tag cloud at the bottom of the forum. Note that the interface for adding tags is only visible when posting a new topic or editing the first post of an existing topic.

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