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AUTO-XTEND - Open-source Toolchain for AUTOSAR

Posted: Wed Jul 11, 2018
by syed
AUTO-XTEND toolchain provides an embedded software development environment based on the AUTOSAR standard 4.2 (classic, i.e. not adaptive). The toolchain provides support at different stages in the ECU development process, e.g., application development and embedded platform development. The toolchain is designed with special focus on AUTOSAR design methodology, i.e. the application timing and scheduling analysis is not the target of the toolchain. The main advantage of the toolchain, compared to the existing AUTOSAR (commercial and free) tools, is that it enables extension of the AUTOSAR meta-model including platform development and 3rd party toolchain integration. The toolchain consists of 3 tools which can be used to create AUTOSAR based applications for embedded platforms like ARM, PPC and Renesas including Raspberry Pi 1, 2 and Zero (i.e. for BCM2835 SOC).

Link to the toolchain: