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MECHAniSer - A Timing Analysis and Synthesis Tool for Multi-Rate Effect Chains with Job-Level Dependencies

Posted: Mon Jul 11, 2016
by MatthiasBecker
Tool Description
MECHAniSer is a tool to compute end-to-end delays in cause-effect chains. In such chains, each task is independently triggered, possibly at different rates. The communication between task is based on register communication.

The current version of the tool computes the minimum and maximum data age of the cause-effect chains in the system. This is done without prior knowledge of the concrete schedule, hence the analysis can already be applied in early design phases.
In addition, the tool generates job-level dependencies to restrict the data propagation between tasks such that the possible end-to-end latency does not exceed the specified age constraint.
Both, the analysis and the synthesis of job-level dependencies are described in ... ect_Chains.

The tool and the case study are available at: