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Abstract: Time4Sys in a Nutshell

Posted: Wed Jun 07, 2017
by Sophie Quinton
Title: Time4Sys in a Nutshell

Yassine Ouhammou (LIAS/ISAE-ENSMA, Poitiers)
Loïc Fejoz (RealTime-at-Work)

Abstract: Waruna project is a collaboration between academic and industrial actors funded through the French government grant called FUI (Fond Unique Interministriel). The underlying idea behind this four-years project (2015-2019) is that the temporal performance verification phase of real-time systems development life-cycle shall not be a barrier for non-experts of the domain. Hence, the main objective of Waruna project is to ease the integration of the temporal performance verification in engineering practices. Time4Sys is the framework derived from the Waruna project and whose development is in progress. As an integrated framework aiming to fill the gap between system engineering design models and timing models, Time4Sys is based on two components. The front-end which is dedicated to modellers in order to design real-time systems using a graphical language. The back-end shall be a customized part which allows modellers to analyze iteratively and accurately their designs with different analysis tools. The customization of the back-end consists of managing the transformation between designs and analysis tools and the orchestration of tests that correspond to the designs under-analysis. In other words, the flexibility of the back-end part enables to capitalize the experience of temporal verification analysts as a referential followed by modellers via the front-end without being obliged to have a deep knowledge of the temporal verification. Time4Sys is based on model-driven engineering settings and developed as a Polarsys plugin. Modeling, traceability, transformation, analysis, and result reporting activities are the pillars of the Time4Sys structure and are explicitly formalized as a set of meta-models.

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Re: Abstract: Time4Sys in a Nutshell

Posted: Mon Jun 12, 2017
by loic_fejoz
Just to let you know that the opening process has begun, even if this is early alpha stage.

The code can be found at
One can download our nightly build (highly experimental) from our continuous build system : ... 20develop/

Unfortunately there is not that much documentation yet. Some might be found from ... marte/docs
We are preparing full bundle of Capella / Time4Sys / RTaW-Pegase++ all together with videos of its usage nothing official yet.