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Updated Challenge Model

Posted: Thu Nov 23, 2017
by Simon Kramer
Dear WATERS Community,

due to multiple requests, we enhanced our provided 2017 challenge model with specified communication types.

This model is now based on the latest APP4MC release 0.8.2. which supports the specification of the used implementation type for each communication. This specification is attached to each LabelAccess in the attribute "Implementation", which accepts values from the LabelAccessImplementation enum. The possible values are explicit, implicit, and timed, each according to corresponding communciation semantic.

In the given model, some labels are always accessed with explicit semantics. The other labels are using buffered communication, which again splits into implicit and timed. Which one is used is determined on the period of the accessing runnable. If the period is short, below or equal 10ms, then access is performed timed. If the period is longer than 10ms, the access will be implicit.

If you have any questions/remarks/suggestions ... feel free to contact me or post here on the forum.


Re: Updated Challenge Model

Posted: Thu Dec 21, 2017
by Sophie Quinton
Hi Simon,

I have moved your post to the 2017 Industrial challenge subforum to centralize the info related to the challenge here. I hope that's OK for you.