Industrial Challenge 2018

The 2018 industrial challenge and its solutions to be presented at WATERS'18
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Industrial Challenge 2018

Post by pagetti » Mon Jan 15, 2018

The WATERS 2018 industrial challenge is based on the RESSAC use case, μXAV: A Collaborative Development Assurance Lab.

The first description of the challenge is available
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This use case, managed by the RESSAC project at IRT St Exupery (Toulouse, France) led by Airbus, was designed as an open research lab. to explore reformation of aeronautic certification. Such a reformation was initiated by the Federal Aviation Administration in the US by fall of 2015, and supported by world aeronautic industry.

The use case is based on a small drone-like Cyber Physical System: hybrid multi-system mixing simple mechanics, hydraulics, electrical powering, flight control, mission management, fault tolerance, and distributed real-time computation.

The full use case documentation is available at

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