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GMCB: An industrial benchmark for use in real-time mixed-criticality networks-on-chip

Posted: Fri Jun 26, 2015
by jharbin
Title: GMCB: An Industrial Benchmark for Use in Real-Time Mixed-Criticality Networks-on-Chip

Authors: James Harbin, Tom Fleming, Leandro Soares Indrusiak, Alan Burns (Real-Time Systems Group, Department of Computer Science, University of York, UK)

Abstract: This paper specifies and describes GMCB (Generic Mixed-Criticality Benchmark), a benchmark industrial application model for testing real-time mixed-criticality multicore systems incorporating a network-on-chip (NoC). Task execution information such as periods, latencies and criticality levels is specified. The communication patterns between the tasks are defined, incorporating message sizes transmitted between the source and destination nodes. Cycle-accurate NoC simulation is used to evaluate the performance of the GMCB model, evaluating the communication latencies encountered under various task mappings. The behaviour of the application under a recent mixed-criticality NoC protocol is considered.

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