Control-System Stability Under Consecutive Deadline Misses Constraints

Martina Maggio, Arne Hamann, Eckart Mayer-John, and Dirk Ziegenbein

This paper deals with the real-time implementation of feedback controllers. In particular, it provides an analysis of the stability property of closed-loop systems that include a controller that can sporadically miss deadlines. In this context, the weakly hard m-K computational model has been widely adopted and researchers used it to design and verify controllers that are robust to deadline misses. Rather than using the m-K model, we focus on another weakly-hard model, the number of consecutive deadline misses, showing a neat mathematical connection between real-time systems and control theory. We formalise this connection using the joint spectral radius and we discuss how to prove stability guarantees on the combination of a controller (that is unaware of deadline misses) and its system-level implementation. We apply the proposed verification procedure to a synthetic example and to an industrial case study.

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