Tuesday 2013-07-09 

Satellite Workshops:

RTSOPS (Room EM214), WATERS (Room EM217), OSPERT (Room EM222), 

WCET (Room EM216), RTN (Room EM226)

08:30  Registration 

09:30  Session 1

11:00  Coffee Break

11:30  Session 2

13:00  Lunch

14:30  Session 3

16:00  Coffee Break

16:30  Session 4

18:00  End 

19:00 Workshop Closing & Cocktails (for workshop participants)

Wednesday 2013-07-10

08:00  Registration

08:45  Welcome (Main Conference Room)

09:00  Keynote
  -    David Jameux (European Space Agency)
        "Dependable communications on board unmanned European spacecraft:
        Needs and R&D lines for the 2015-2025 period"

10:00  Coffee break

10:30  Global Multiprocessor Scheduling

Session chair: Bjoern Brandenburg 

  -    Analysis of Global EDF for Parallel Tasks
        Jing Li, Kunal Agrawal, Chenyang Lu, Christopher Gill
        *Oustanding Paper Award*

  -    Reducing Tardiness Under Global Scheduling by Splitting Jobs
        Jeremy Erickson and James Anderson

  -    Global EDF Schedulability Analysis for Synchronous Parallel Tasks
        on Multicore Platforms
        Hoon Sung Chwa, Jinkyu Lee, Kieu-My Phan, Arvind Easwaran, Insik Shin

12:00  Lunch

13:30  Thermal and Resource Management

Session chair: Sathish Gopalakrishnan

  -    Achieving Thermal Resiliency for Multicore Hard-Real-Time Systems
        Pradeep Hettiarachchi, Nathan Fisher, Le Yi Wang

  -    The Optimality of PFPasap Algorithm for Fixed-Priority
        Energy-Harvesting Real-Time Systems
        Yasmina Abdeddaïm, Younès Chandarli, Damien Masson

  -    A Game-Theoretic Resource Manager for RT Applications
        Martina Maggio, Enrico Bini, Georgios Chasparis, Karl-Erik Årzén

15:00  Coffee break

15:30  Operating Systems

Session chair: Gabriel Parmer

    -    Schedulability Analysis of the Linux Push and Pull Scheduler with

        Arbitrary Processor Affinities
        Arpan Gujarati, Felipe Cerqueira, Björn Brandenburg
        *Oustanding Paper Award*

  -    A Coordinated Approach for Practical OS-Level Cache Management in
        Multi-Core Real-Time Systems
        Hyoseung Kim, Arvind Kandhalu, Ragunathan (Raj) Rajkumar

16:30  Break

18:00  WiP Session, Reception, 25th ECRTS celebrations with quiz

Thursday  2013-07-11

09:00  Keynote
  -    Glenn Farrall (Infineon Technologies UK, Ltd.)
        "Virtualisation for Safe and Secure Domain Control Units"

10:00  Coffee break

10:30  Uniprocessor Scheduling

Session chair: Robert Davis

    -    Mixed Critical Earliest Deadline First

        Dario Socci, Peter Poplavko, Saddek Bensalem, Marius Bozga

  -    Computation Offloading for Frame-Based Real-Time Tasks with Resource
        Reservation Servers
        Anas Toma and Jian-Jia Chen

  -    Quantifying the Sub-optimality of Non-preemptive Real-time Scheduling
        Abhilash Thekkilakattil, Radu Dobrin, Sasikumar Punnekkat

12:00  Lunch

13:30  Networked Systems

Session chair: Jean-Dominique Decotignie

   -    Mixed Criticality on Controller Area Network

        Alan Burns and Robert Davis

  -    Probabilistic Timing Analysis for the Dynamic Segment of FlexRay
        Bogdan Tanasa, Unmesh Dutta Bordoloi, Petru Eles, Zebo Peng

  -    Interconnection Optimization for Multi-Cluster Avionics Networks
        Hamdi Ayed, Ahlem Mifdaoui, Christian Fraboul

15:00  Coffee break

15:30  Caches

Session chair: Isabelle Puaut

  -    Making Shared Caches More Predictable on Multicore Platforms
        Bryan Ward, Jonathan Herman, Christopher Kenna, James Anderson
        *Oustanding Paper Award*

  -    Analysis of Probabilistic Cache Related Pre-emption Delays
        Robert Davis, Luca Santinelli, Sebastian Altmeyer, Claire Maiza,
        Liliana Cucu-Grosjean

16:30  Start of Social event tour

20:00  Conference Dinner and Award Ceremony on River Seine Boat

Friday  2013-07-12

09:00  Hardware

Session chair: Rolf Ernst

   -    A Dynamic Scratchpad Memory Unit for Predictable Real-Time Embedded
        Saud Wasly and Rodolfo Pellizzoni

  -    Estimating the WCET of GPU-Accelerated Applications using Hybrid
        Adam Betts and Alastair Donaldson

10:00  Coffeee break

10:30  DAG-based Task Models

Session chair: Luís Miguel Pinho

   -    Using Max-Plus Algebra to Improve the Analysis of Non-Cyclic Task Models

        Haibo Zeng and Marco Di Natale
        *Oustanding Paper Award*

  -    Response-Time Analysis of Parallel Fork-Join Workloads with Real-Time     

        Philip Axer, Moritz Neukirchner, Sophie Quinton, Rolf Ernst,
        Björn Döbel, Hermann Härtig

  -    Feasibility Analysis in the Sporadic DAG Task Model
        Vincenzo Bonifaci, Alberto Marchetti-Spaccamela, Sebastian Stiller,
        Andreas Wiese

12:00  Lunch

13:30  Fault Tolerance

Session chair: Sebastian Stiller

   -    DTM: Degraded Test Mode for Fault-Aware Timing Analysis

        Mladen Slijepcevic, Leonidas Kosmidis, Jaume Abella, Eduardo Quiñones,
        Francisco Cazorla

  -    An Efficient Periodic Resource Supply Model for Workloads with
        Transient Overloads
        Akramul Azim, Shreyas Sundaram, Sebastian Fischmeister

  -    Towards efficient probabilistic scheduling guarantees for real-time
        systems subject to random errors and random bursts of errors
        Michael Short and Julian Proenza

15:00  Coffee break

15:30  Locking and Suspension

Session chair: Nathan Fisher

   -    Suspension-Aware Analysis for Hard Real-Time Multiprocessor Scheduling

        Cong Liu and James Anderson

  -    A Schedulability Compatible Multiprocessor Resource Sharing Protocol
        Alan Burns and Andy Wellings

  -    A Fully Preemptive Multiprocessor Semaphore Protocol for
        Latency-Sensitive Real-Time Applications
        Björn Brandenburg

17:00  ECRTS Closing Social