Submission Page

Full papers must be submitted electronically through our web form in PDF format. The material must be unpublished and not under submission elsewhere. The paper must be in the same format as in the final published proceedings (10 pages maximum, 2 columns, 10 pt, single-line spacing, see IEEE formatting guidelines). Papers exceeding the maximum length will not be reviewed. The receipt of any submission will be acknowledged by an e-mail to the contact author. 

By submitting a paper, the authors agree and confirm that: 

  • neither this paper nor a version close to it is under submission or will be submitted before notification by ECRTS 2013

  • if accepted, at least one author will provide a full registration by the special registration deadline set in the notification of acceptance, and present the paper at the conference in person

 Note: In selecting keywords for your paper when you submit it, please note that papers that do not touch on real-time issues will not be accepted.  (For example, even though "operating systems" is a keyword, a paper on operating systems that has nothing to do with real-time would not be deemed as acceptable.)

When submitting your paper, please identify any conflicts of interest with members of the Program Committee who might be asked to review your paper. There is a conflict of interest if a Program Committee member is a co-author of the paper, or if they are in the same department as one of the co-authors of the paper, or if they were a PhD student or supervisor of one of the co-authors, or have collaborated extensively with one of the co-authors in the past.

This year we are going to use a new version of the START management software. If you used START before, most of the work flow for you is the same as in the old system with the exception that you will have to register with the system. Please follow this link to register and submit your paper.


Stefan M. Petters
 PC Chair