RTN 2016 Accepted Papers

Ramon Serna Oliver and Silviu S. Craciunas. Hierarchical Scheduling over Off- and On-chip Deterministic Networks
Meng Liu, Matthias Becker, Moris Behnam and Thomas Nolte. Using Segmentation to Improve Schedulability of Real-Time Packets on NoCs with Mixed Traffic
Alexander Stegmeier, Martin Frieb, Jörg Mische and Theo Ungerer. WCTT bounds for MPI Primitives in the PaterNoster NoC
Voica Gavrilut and Paul Pop. Traffic Class Assignment for Mixed-Criticality Frames in TTEthernet
Nassima Benammar, Henri Bauer, Frédéric Ridouard and Pascal Richard. Tighter buffer dimensioning in AFDX networks
Sune Mølgaard Laursen, Paul Pop and Wilfried Steiner. Routing Optimization of AVB Streams in TSN Networks
Cédric Ternon, Joël Goossens and Jean-Michel Dricot. FTT-OpenFlow, on the way towards real-time SDN
Florian Heilmann, Ali Syed and Gerhard Fohler. Mode-Changes in COTS Time-Triggered Network Hardware without Online Reconfiguration
Florian Kluge, Martin Schoeberl and Theo Ungerer. Support for the Logical Execution Time Model on a Time-predictable Multicore Processor
Ermis Papastefanakis, Xiaoting Li and Laurent George. A mixed criticality approach for the security of critical flows in a Network-on-Chip