Work-in-Progress proceedings

The work-in-progress proceedings are available here.

Accepted Work-in-Progress papers

  • Design and implementation of an FPGA-based NoC for Real Time Systems
    Yilian Ribot González and Geoffrey Nelissen
  • Towards a generic platform for the distribution of avionics applications on manycores
    Ghina Abdallah, Jérôme Ermont, Sandrine Mouysset and Jean-Luc Scharbarg
  • ResilienceP Analysis: Bounding Cache Persistence Reload Overhead for Set-Associative Caches
    Syed Aftab Rashid, Geoffrey Nelissen and Eduardo Tovar
  • Towards Real-time Self-adaptation Using a Verification Mechanism
    Hiroyuki Nakagawa, Hiroki Tsuda and Tatsuhiro Tsuchiya
  • Towards Robust and Cost-Effective Critical Real-Time Systems under Thermal-Aware Design
    Javier Pérez Rodríguez and Patrick Meumeu Yomsi

Call for papers

The Work-in-Progress (WiP) session of ECRTS 2019 will be dedicated to the communication and discussion of new and on-going research in the field of real-time and embedded systems.

The WiP organizing committee invites authors to submit short papers describing promising early-stage ideas and new research directions. Submitted papers should address some form of timing requirement and cover topics that are of interest to the ECRTS audience (see the ECRTS’19 call for papers).

The contributors will be required to give a short oral presentation of their work and prepare a poster to communicate their ideas such that they can receive feedback during the poster session.

The proceedings containing all accepted papers will be distributed online. The copyright remains with the authors.

Submission instructions

The submission is limited to 3 pages (maximum), A4 paper size, double column, 10pt typeface size (IEEE format for conference proceedings). Papers exceeding the maximum page length will not be considered for review.

The submission should answer the following questions.

  1. Application domain — What is the context of the work?
  2. Motivation — Why is the work relevant?
  3. Problem statement — What is the problem and the assumptions made?
  4. Proposed approach and preliminary results — How did you proceed?
  5. Envisioned solution — Why is your approach promising?

In order to submit a contribution, use the following link and select the Work-in-Progress ECRTS 2019 Track if requested.

The submission deadline is May 22, 2019 (UTC-12).


Work-in-Progress Session Chair

Andrea Bastoni, SYSGO AG, Germany

Program Committee

Martina Maggio, Lund University, Sweden
Ahlem Mifdaoui, DISC, Univ. Toulouse, France
Geoffrey Nelissen, CISTER, ISEP, Portugal
Bryan Ward, MIT Lincoln Laboratory, USA

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