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ECRTS 2019 will be held at the premises of Bosch in the Stuttgart area at the locations of Renningen (Workshop Day, Guided Tour & Dinner) and Feuerbach (Conference).

Photo: Martin Herrmann

Renningen (Workshop Day, Guided Tour & Dinner)
Renningen is the hub of the Bosch Group’s global research and advance engineering activities. Here around 1,600 employees from the center for research and advance engineering are developing new materials, methods and technologies, along with new systems, components and production processes.
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Photo: BoschStuttgart-Feuerbach (Conference)
In Stuttgart-Feuerbach approximately 12.000 employees from 72 countries work in the different fields of activity. This site is rich in tradition and can look back on 100 years of history. Today, a diversity of technical and commercial fields, manufacturing, and the Bosch IT Campus are located here.
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Stuttgart can be easily reached by plane either through Stuttgart Airport or via an hourly high-speed train connection from Frankfurt Airport to Stuttgart Hbf (Main Station).

Bosch Renningen can be reached by public transportation with the S-Bahn line S6 (30 min from Stuttgart main station). Exit at station Renningen. From there, we will provide a private bus service to bring you directly to the Bosch research campus. Alternatively, you can also take a public bus.

Bosch Feuerbach is located directly opposite of the S-Bahn station Feuerbach and can be conveniently reached by lines S4, S5, S6 (5 minutes from Stuttgart main station, every 5-10 minutes) and U6, U7, U13, U16.

Route planning using Google maps is working well for public transportation. Uber is not offering rides in the Stuttgart area, use the mytaxi app instead for taking a taxi.


You will have a good combination of easy access to the conference venues as well as proximity to restaurants, bars, museums and shopping if you stay in Stuttgart-Mitte (e.g. via booking.com or airbnb).

Things to do in and around Stuttgart

Stuttgart is the capital and largest city of the German state of Baden-Württemberg. Its urban area has a population of  around 600,000, making it the sixth largest city in Germany, with another 5.3 million people living in its metropolitan area. Stuttgart is also a transport junction, and possesses the sixth-largest airport in Germany.

Stuttgart is spread across a variety of hills (some of them covered in vineyards),  valleys (especially around the Neckar river) and parks. This often surprises visitors who associate the city with its reputation as the “cradle of the automobile” and the headquarters of Daimler, Porsche and Bosch.

Stuttgart has a rich cultural life featuring a large variety of sights and museums from art to automobiles. For more information, please visit: https://www.stuttgart-tourist.de/en. In addition, the Black Forest is only a short drive away.

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