Accepted papers

  • A Bandwidth Reservation Mechanism for AXI-based Hardware Accelerators on FPGAs (paper, slides)
    Marco Pagani, Enrico Rossi, Alessandro Biondi, Mauro Marinoni, Giuseppe Lipari and Giorgio Buttazzo
  • Arbitration-Induced Preemption Delays (paper, slides)
    Farouk Hebbache, Florian Brandner, Mathieu Jan and Laurent Pautet
  • Control-Flow Integrity for Real-Time Embedded Systems (paper)
    Robert J Walls, Nicholas F Brown, Thomas Le Baron, Craig A Shue, Hamed Okhravi and Bryan Ward
  • Designing Mixed Criticality Applications on Modern Heterogeneous MPSoC Platforms (paper, slides)
    Giovani Gracioli, Rohan Tabish, Renato Mancuso, Reza Mirosanlou, Rodolfo Pellizzoni and Marco Caccamo
  • DMAC: Deadline-Miss-Aware Control (paper, slides, artifact)
    Paolo Pazzaglia, Claudio Mandrioli, Martina Maggio and Anton Cervin
  • Dual Priority Scheduling is Not Optimal (paper, slides, artifact)
    Pontus Ekberg
  • End-to-end Deadlines over Dynamic Topologies (paper, slides)
    Victor Millnert, Johan Eker and Enrico Bini
  • Fast and Effective Multiframe-Task Parameter Assignment Via Concave Approximations of Demand (paper)
    Bo Peng, Nathan Fisher and Thidapat Chantem
  • From Iteration to System Failure: Characterizing the FITness of Periodic Weakly-Hard Systems
    (paper, slides)
    Arpan Gujarati, Mitra Nasri, Rupak Majumdar and Björn Brandenburg
  • GEDF Tardiness: Open Problems Involving Uniform Multiprocessors and Affinity Masks Resolved (paper)
    Stephen Tang, Sergey Voronov and James Anderson
  • Generating and Exploiting Deep Learning Variants to Increase Utilization of the Heterogeneous Resources in the Nvidia Xavier (paper, slides)
    Roger Pujol, Hamid Tabani, Leonidas Kosmidis, Enrico Mezzetti, Jaume Abella and Francisco J. Cazorla
  • Hiding Communication Delays in Contention-Free Execution for SPM-based Multi-Core Architectures (paper, slides)
    Benjamin Rouxel, Stefanos Skalistis, Steven Derrien and Isabelle Puaut
  • Impact of DM-LRU on WCET: a Static Analysis Approach (paper, slides)
    Renato Mancuso, Heechul Yun and Isabelle Puaut
  • Implementation of Memory Centric Scheduling for COTS Multi-Core Real-Time Systems (paper, slides)
    Juan M Rivas, Joël Goossens, Xavier Poczekajlo and Antonio Paolillo
  • Industrial Application of a Partitioning Scheduler to Support Mixed Criticality Systems (paper)
    Stephen Law, Benjamin Lesage and Iain Bate
  • Isolation-Aware Timing Analysis and Design Space Exploration for Predictable and Composable Many-Core Systems (paper, slides)
    Behnaz Pourmohseni, Fedor Smirnov, Stefan Wildermann and Jürgen Teich
  • Modeling Cache Coherence to Expose Interference (paper, artifact)
    Nathanael Sensfelder, Julien Brunel and Claire Pagetti
  • Novel Methodologies for Predictable CPU-to-GPU Command Offloading (paper, artifact)
    Roberto Cavicchioli, Nicola Capodieci, Marco Solieri and Marko Bertogna
  • NPM-BUNDLE: Non-Preemptive Multitask Scheduling for Jobs with BUNDLE-based Thread-Level Scheduling (paper, artifact)
    Corey Tessler and Nathan Fisher
  • PREM-based Optimal Task Segmentation under Fixed Priority Scheduling (paper, slides)
    Muhammad R. Soliman and Rodolfo Pellizzoni
  • Reliable Dynamic Packet Scheduling over Lossy Real-Time Wireless Networks (paper, slides)
    Tao Gong, Tianyu Zhang, Sharon Hu, Qingxu Deng, Michael Lemmon and Song Han
  • Response-Time Analysis of Limited-Preemptive Parallel DAG Tasks under Global Scheduling (paper, slides)
    Mitra Nasri, Geoffrey Nelissen and Björn Brandenburg
  • Response-Time Analysis of ROS 2 Processing Chains under Reservation-Based Scheduling
    (paper, slides, artifact)
    Daniel Casini, Tobias Blaß, Ingo Lütkebohle and Björn Brandenburg
  • RT-CASEs: Container-Based Virtualization for Temporally Separated Mixed-Criticality Task Sets (paper)
    Marcello Cinque, Raffaele Della Corte, Antonio Eliso and Antonio Pecchia
  • Scheduling Self-Suspending Tasks: New and Old Results (paper, slides, artifact)
    Jian-Jia Chen, Tobias Hahn, Ruben Hoeksma, Nicole Megow and Georg von der Brüggen
  • Simultaneous Multithreading Applied to Real Time (paper, artifact)
    Sims Osborne, Joshua Bakita and James Anderson
  • Slot-Based Transmission Protocol for Real-Time NoCs – SBT-NoC (paper, slides)
    Borislav Nikolic, Robin Hofmann and Rolf Ernst

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