Social Event on Thursday, July 7th.

Aeroscopia Museum

With its unique collection, Aeroscopia is the home of a rich local aviation heritage and becomes a place of memory, creating a link between the past, the present and the future of aviation.

Beyond the preservation and promotion of legendary aircraft, Aeroscpia's mission is to pass on a culture of aviation, transmits knowledge and create an attractive and educational place to encourage scientific and technical careers.

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Audio guide is possible using your smartphone. Aeroscopia Mobile Appication can be downloaded from app stores: Google Play and Apple Store. More informations can be read at the museum application web page.


 Gala Diner at Les Écuries de la Tour


The Gala dinner will take place at the restaurant "Les Ecuries de la Tour" in Mondonville. This restaurant offers  mixes traditional Gascon dishes based on fresh local produces.