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ROSACE: Research Open-Source Avionics and Control Engineering

Posted: Fri Jun 26, 2015
by pagetti
Description of the case study
ROSACE - for Research Open-Source Avionics and Control Engineering - goes from a baseline flight controller, developed in MATLAB/SIMULINK, to a multi-periodic controller executing on a multi/many-core target. The interactions between control and computer engineers are highlighted during the development steps, in particular by investigating several multi-periodic configurations. We deduced ways to improve the discussion between engineers in order to ease the integration on the target. The whole case study is made available to the community under an open-source license.

Usage scope
To be defined.

- Claire Pagetti, Romain Gratia, Eric Noulard, Pierre Siron (ONERA, Toulouse, France)
- David Saussié (Polytechnique Montréal, Canada)

- Website: website
- SVN repository: ... tudy_RTAS/

Release history
To be done.