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Tool-assisted model-based multi-objective analyses of automotive embedded systems

Posted: Fri Jun 26, 2015
by Sophie Quinton
Title: Tool Assisted Model Based Multi Objective Analyses of Automotive Embedded Systems

Saimir Baci, Henrik Kaijser, Henrik Lönn (Volvo Group, Advanced Technology and Research, Gothenburg Sweden)
Matthias Tichy (Software Engineering Division, Chalmers | University of Gothenburg, Gothenburg, Sweden)
Wenjing Yuan (Arccore AB, Gothenburg, Sweden)

Abstract: Automotive embedded systems are increasingly critical for vehicle functionality. Their scope and impact increase and as a consequence their complexity and criticality. Cost is constantly in focus, which emphasizes the need for efficient development methods. Securing functional and non-functional properties in such setting requires systematic and stringent methods, including model based analysis. This paper introduces a methodology and tool support for embedded automotive systems, where multi-objective analyses drive iterative design. Tool support is developed based on the EATOP platform for EAST- ADL. Plugins supporting version consistency control, fault tree analysis and analysis of linear property annotations including power, energy and cost are reported. The tooling is validated on an example system design and the methodology and part of the tooling evaluated with engineering experts.

Keywords: Embedded Systems; Real-time Systems; Model Based Development; AUTOSAR; EAST-ADL; Quality; Safety

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