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Mixed-criticality management of networked real-time systems with the ARTEMIS simulator

Posted: Fri Jun 26, 2015
by oliviercros
Title: Mixed-criticality Management of Networked Real-Time Systems with ARTEMIS Simulator

Olivier Cros (ECE Paris - LACSC, Paris, France)
Laurent George (Université Paris-Est - LIGM / ESIEE, Champs sur Marne, France)

Abstract: Nowadays, providing guarantees of performances and reliability in real-time systems implies to have simulation tools in order to test and emulate the systems. The real-time network infrastructures are not an exception to this rule, and needs their own simulators too. Our goal here is to present a new network simulator, ARTEMIS, which is designed to integrate mixed-criticality management in real-time networked systems. Our point here is to show simulation results of ARTEMIS, especially in mixed-criticality context, and to present the main different modules of this software.

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